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It is my personal opinion that people who constantly whine about copyrights are total wussies who should aspire to be bureaucratic lawyers and bloodsucking insurance claim handlers.

None of "my" work is copyrighted. You are welcome to steal anything and everything from this site without ever giving me the slightest bit of credit, ok, ok here's the exception below:

Here it comes, what's mine is yours, but what belongs to,,, capitol, or any work created by others (who the 'ell am I forgetting???) well sorry Charlie, Nothing really is free...

Please ask these kind folks for permission to use or link to their sites...

The entire contents of this page are copyrighted and protected by both United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. None of the content on this page may ever be reproduced, in original or modified form, for commercial purposes, without express written permission by the author of this material. We do authorize and encourage "pointers" to the Universal Resource Locator (URL) of this page for the sole purpose of informing others of the greatness of the Oakland Raiders.